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Turning emma gazed into josiah.

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Aaron Saufley – 7/13/2014 11:41:20 PM

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Log Off of YouTube and Read Something: A Shot of Faith to the Head

Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens (and others) have inspired a new generation of atheists.  They are smart, they are sharp, and they are… grumpy.  At least according to author Mitch Stokes.  I agree with him.

Intended as a resource for believers, A Shot of Faith to the Head is Stokes’ attempt to show that Christians stand on solid philosophical ground as they face the rising tide of Neo-Atheism that is often characterized as not just unbelief, but belligerent unbelief.

Overall, Stokes does a fine job.  I especially enjoyed his treatment of natural selection, which Dawkins in particular employs as a favorite argument against the need for a god.  Stokes’ counter is how can the atheist know for certain that natural selection has indeed given us the correct faculties for determining whether or not belief is rational.  The honest answer is that the atheist cannot know if this is so.  His other arguments, including the counter to the neo-atheists’ clamoring for evidence (what’s the evidence for the evidence, and so on…), are strong.

This book isn’t meant to convert nonbelievers.  It is meant to show that Christians can be confident that their faith is reasonable.  Although I found the book refreshing, it does wade into some deep philosophical waters at times.  Thus many believers may find the reading dry.  But overall, a solid effort.

Thomas Nelson gave me a complimentary copy of this book.

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