Open Up and Say, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”…

tonsils pic

My six-year-old is having her tonsils taken out today (yes, the picture is of swollen tonsils.  No, they aren’t hers).  So we’ll be at the hospital all day.  My little girl’s like her daddy–she doesn’t have a high tolerance for pain, and this will be the worst sore throat of her life (I still remember when I had mine taken out).

In exchange, she gets a week off of school, all the ice cream she wants, and (for being so brave) a new MP3 player filled with her favorite tunes (stuff from Hannah Montana, lots of Bob Marley, The Jonas Brothers, Queen, The Naked Brothers Band, a little Elvis, some Beatles, some Barlow Girl, a few tunes from the Dixie Chicks, some of the Enchanted soundtrack, and one tune from The Marshall Tucker Band–she has a pretty eclectic ear). 

Not too bad of a trade…


About Aaron

Aaron is a follower of Jesus. He's married to his smokin' hot wife Laura and is the father of three adorable girls. He enjoys a robust cigar, a complex root beer, a good movie, writing, football, thought-provoking books, and rousing discussions about subjects you're not supposed to talk about (like theology and politics). Religious people irritate him (because he once was one). He's on a quest to find the perfect dry rub and sauce for ribs.
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