Log Off of YouTube and Read Something: Crazy Love

Don’t let the plain, ordinary, clay-colored cover fool you.  Crazy Love is crazy good.  Author Francis Chan is dead on target with this book.  It will challenge you, prod you, pain you, and leave you with a choice:  sell out to Jesus, or sell out Jesus for yourself.

Chan’s book paints a picture of God that goes way beyond the flannel graph stuff of Sunday school, or the fluff of slickly produced Christian pop rock choruses.  He writes not just to inspire a deeper love of God, but a real fear of God.  He makes you think about how your life operates, about how you view and think about God, and about the real direction of your life and your relationship with God.

Crazy Love is all about living a crazy life following Jesus.  And that’s truly what following Jesus is… crazy.  It goes against the grain of the consumerism of our culture.  it goes against our desire for safety and comfort.  It flies in the face of much of what American Christianity has become.

My wife bought this book a few months ago, and I had several books on my shelf I wanted to get through before this one.  I should have moved it to the front.  As I read it, I felt challenged, convicted, moved, ashamed, grateful… an explosion of thoughts and emotions.  It left me wondering… how selfish am I really being with my time, my money, my resources, my life.  Have I really given Jesus everything?

The most challenging part of “Crazy Love” is one sentence, related to Jesus’ parable of the sower and soils.  Everyone who follows Jesus assumes they are good soil.  Chan’s stance:  Do not assume you are good soil.

I think I’ve assumed that for myself.  This book has shown me that I’ve got some weeding to do in the garden of my life. 

It will show you the same.

Go to crazylovebook.com for more information.


About Aaron

Aaron is a follower of Jesus. He's married to his smokin' hot wife Laura and is the father of three adorable girls. He enjoys a robust cigar, a complex root beer, a good movie, writing, football, thought-provoking books, and rousing discussions about subjects you're not supposed to talk about (like theology and politics). Religious people irritate him (because he once was one). He's on a quest to find the perfect dry rub and sauce for ribs.
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