A Little Slice of Truth…

Psalm 117

This Psalm is so short, yet so full of truth, that I’m going to let it speak for itself today:

Praise the Lord, all nations; laud Him, all peoples!  For His lovingkindness is great toward us, and the truth of the Lord is everlasting.  Praise the Lord!

Several questions…

  1. How have you realized God’s lovingkindness–his mercy–in your life recently?
  2. How have you been confronted by God’s truth in your life recently?
  3. What are you and your church doing to help all nations praise the Lord?
  4. When was the last time your really praised the Lord… and did so outside of a “worship service”?

Leave some feedback…


About Aaron

Aaron is a follower of Jesus. He's married to his smokin' hot wife Laura and is the father of three adorable girls. He enjoys a robust cigar, a complex root beer, a good movie, writing, football, thought-provoking books, and rousing discussions about subjects you're not supposed to talk about (like theology and politics). Religious people irritate him (because he once was one). He's on a quest to find the perfect dry rub and sauce for ribs.
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4 Responses to A Little Slice of Truth…

  1. Heather says:

    I am thankful to God because, even though I broke my foot, he kept me safe and helped me get to the phone because I was home alone (and then you told me to try to WALK ON IT!! Haha…I know, that’s what you’re supposed to do…), He provided me with a neighbor to take me to Emergicare, He gave me resources so it only cost $67 for everything (!), and I am inconvenienced, but ok.

    Right now our church is trying to help our own nation praise Him, hopefully starting next week at Hardees.

    Also, I have been reading the Old Testament, and somewhere in Deuteronomy or Joshua it says to be courageous because God is with them and then they go into all these huge cities and hand them their butts. I’m not really a big fan of killing, but it shows how we just have to trust God and listen to him.

    Later, gotta go watch the debates.

  2. Aaron says:

    Drop the other shoe–give me some details on the Hardees thing!

    Yeah, some stuff in the OT is tough to understand, especially the wiping out of nations stuff (but digging through the OT, you’ll see God’s reasons). But the stuff you referenced is at the end of Deuteronomy and Joshua 1… some really cool stuff.

    Even though I’m not voting for him, I think McCain whipped Obama’s ass last night. Not big time, but he did. Best line all night: “I’m not George Bush. If you wanted to run against George Bush, you should have run four years ago.” The split screen was interesting… and Obama’s body language, to me, made him look like an elitist… and he had little respect for McCain. McCain never refered to Obama except as “Senator Obama.” Obama, however, mostly referred to McCain as “John.” It takes more than a fancy speech and Oprah to be president… There, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Looking forward to hangin’ with you guys on Nov. 4.

  3. Heather says:

    I heard that line, but it also takes more than good lines to be a good president. You have to look at what they’re actually saying. I was pissed because the guy kept asking questions about the candidates and not the issues. I don’t give a crap about the candidate…I wanna know what he’s gonna do for America. We are completely in the crapper right now. I may not be looking forward to hanging out with you all…depending on how things turn out. Actually I might cry if he loses. I don’t even cry when the Steelers lose. Haha but it will be fun : )

    I think Reber already talked to you about Hardees right? I just finished Joshua so I’m pluggin along…

  4. Aaron says:

    I personally think a guy who wants to penalize businesses and entreprenuers by increasing the already highest tax burden on earth on businesses in order to “spread the wealth” and outspend Bush by increasing the size of our already bloated government and moving it closer to socialism (and who has some REALLY shady associations with a lot of people) would push the country out of the toilet and into the septic tank.

    Unfortunately, the crotchety old man who scares children isn’t much better. Thus… I’m voting for a 3rd party. And it’s so frickin’ irritating when people use the control-freak logic of “a vote for anyone but McCain is a vote for Obama.” Nope. It’s a vote for the guy you voted for, even if only 3 other people vote for him. It’s totally the foundation of our republic. I’m so not into the “lesser of two evils” thing anymore.

    So… I’ll have plenty of tissues on hand. But I really don’t think you’ll need them. The rest of us might…

    TOTALLY digging the Hardees thing. And Joshua’s a tough book… a lot of violence. Judges is the same, but with some cool stories. Eglon the fat king getting killed on the crapper is my favorite!

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