Great Post by My Buddy in Vegas

I’ve got a buddy in Vegas, Aaron Snow, who (with his wife) is passionately pursuing Jesus by making disciples and seeing what they call intentional gatherings sprout (what I call microchurches).  He’s got a killer post today on a “what if” question he’s been thinking about.  Click here to read it, and then come back and scroll below to see what happens to me when I’m worn out…


About Aaron

Aaron is a follower of Jesus. He's married to his smokin' hot wife Laura and is the father of three adorable girls. He enjoys a robust cigar, a complex root beer, a good movie, writing, football, thought-provoking books, and rousing discussions about subjects you're not supposed to talk about (like theology and politics). Religious people irritate him (because he once was one). He's on a quest to find the perfect dry rub and sauce for ribs.
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2 Responses to Great Post by My Buddy in Vegas

  1. Dude diggin your blog and the links and discusssion within. Good stuff. Appreciate your study and exegesis of Psalm 91.


    • Aaron says:

      Thanks, Nick.
      I’ve checked out a few of your FB videos of your stuff in G-boro. It’s good stuff, dude. Thanks for stopping by.

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