“I’m Not Cool Enough to be a Mac Person.”

I love the new Microsoft commercial.  I don’t care if Lauren is an actor.  I don’t care if the PC she supposedly bought is an inferior machine.  The commercial simply makes a good point:  Mac owners are computer snobs (and most of you are, except for my wonderful mother-in-law), and they’re WAY overpriced.  If I bought a PC laptop for the price of a Mac, it would eat the Mac alive and crap Apple seeds–even while running the dreaded Vista.

Here’s the commercial (which started airing Thursday) if you haven’t seen it:


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Aaron is a follower of Jesus. He's married to his smokin' hot wife Laura and is the father of three adorable girls. He enjoys a robust cigar, a complex root beer, a good movie, writing, football, thought-provoking books, and rousing discussions about subjects you're not supposed to talk about (like theology and politics). Religious people irritate him (because he once was one). He's on a quest to find the perfect dry rub and sauce for ribs.
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22 Responses to “I’m Not Cool Enough to be a Mac Person.”

  1. Levi says:

    how do I sign-up for that program

  2. Cribb says:

    Whatever Aaron, I hardly even know how to use this thing!! I do like not having to buy anti-virus stuff though. AND for the record – ours was only $850 after rebates (including all software) so maybe she just needs to be a better shopper.

    • Aaron says:

      For the record, I don’t buy anti-virus software, either. If you know where to look, you can get it (legally) for free. And I don’t need rebates to get the price down on a computer. I can buy just as good of a machine for a lot less. Yeah, Vista sucks… but Windows 7 is on the way and is (reportedly) what Vista should have been. So keep up your computer snobbery, Heather Cribb. Keep justifying your decision to drink the Steve Jobs Kool-Aid. And it may only be a matter of time before you will have to buy anti-virus software… and when you do, ol’ Jobby Jobs will charge you an arm and a leg. Good luck finding coupons for that…

  3. so yeah… i’m commenting on my mac book pro which i got used for 600 bucks..haha… but i got the mad hook up from a guy at church. it was used. i still love it. i wish you all could have one.

    • Aaron says:

      Coupons… used… back alley deals… black market laptops. I can get a NEW laptop for $600 that has more juice than your cast off Mac. Sure, I have other things to put up with–Vista, anti-virus and spyware software, and other Microsoft hiccups, but I don’t have to choose between being with the uber-cool crowd… and groceries. And I can still do everything that you can on your Mac. You need to repent, or you will likewise perish (not really sure how that applies here, but it sounds threatening!).

  4. yanc3y says:

    It depends on what you use a computer for man. The girl in the commercial strikes me as a “internet browser/document” computer user, with the occasional pic upload. I’m thinking she way overpaid.

    • Aaron says:

      I don’t buy the “it depends on what you use the computer for” argument. Mac users are notorious for that. PC’s are fine for light browsing, an occassional word processing file, and spreadsheet, and a pic upload. But if you want to do “real” computer work (like photo editing, video editing, and gaming) then you need a Mac. Total garbage, in my opinion. I do a fair amount of video editing (and we’re not talking about splicing a few cute home movies together with a cute song and a bland subtitle), and my PC rocks it… with $75 video software. I don’t really see a need to go into debt for a machine that does what my current one does, and the only real difference is that yours… has an Apple that lights up.

      Mac has their market share of snobby raving fans who’ll keep buying their stuff. Some people may convert over, but for the forseeable future, most of us ham ‘n eggers will stick with PCs… and our pocketbooks won’t be empty.

      • yanc3y says:

        That’s not really what I meant ;). (I’m typing this on a four year-old Compaq Presario desktop by the way). And Mac’s are terrible for gaming. I know people with Mac’s that have tried to talk a kid who doesn’t know anything about computers into getting one because they’d had a good experience. But the kid was just going to use it for internet basically. I told them to get the cheapest thing they could. My only point was that there should be a reason that people who are using a computer for a specific purpose buy a particular machine.

      • Aaron says:

        I agree with that. Most Mac users I know try to get dudes like me to buy a Mac because… it’s a Mac (or it’s not a PC). I’m just one of those guys that doesn’t buy the hype about Macs. My PC does everything I need it to (including some heavier memory sapping stuff), and I paid WAY less for it than I would have a Mac with similar specs. Four year old Compaq… nice.

  5. Aaron says:

    By the way, y’all… I’m just ribbing you. I love seeing Mac people get so wound up. They get so defensive. It just makes me laugh.

    Honestly, if a Mac does it for you, great. If it’s a PC, great. You can find a machine in both categories to do what you need to do.

    Now, if that April 1 worm-virus thingy attacks all of us PCers tomorrow, I may quickly change my tune…

  6. yo yo – haven’t replied in a while (my Mac really doesn’t usually allow me to visit – “cast-off” 2nd rate blogs such as this but I bought some really high priced “get in the back-door” software from Steve Jobs – directly actually cause he and I hang out sipping high priced coffee and laughing at people such as Lauren from the commercial – so that I could actually access your PC based blogosphere worthlessness) HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (how many drinks was that)

    Anyway I just wanted to stop in – partly cause I know that Aaron is just trying to get a rise out of people, and that is funny to me – also cause if you stopped and read back through his post and his own comments onto his OWN comment board (really Aaron does that even count when you are the MAIN one leaving comments on your own page ha ha ha) – but if you read back over it – you almost seem a lil PC “snobbish” – how “pot calling the kettle black” of you my friend ha ha

    Okay just wanted to have a lil fun at the end of my day – oh yeah by the way BIG OLE FAT CONGRATS on all the good stuff – selling house, getting new job, finding new house – it will be cool for you to be in the G-vegas area. I got a chance to talk to your sis Steph on the phone yesterday and she was pretty excited to try and see you guys again before ya move.

    Hope all goes well man and that Laura is able to find something soon I know she is getting a lil frustrated, but God has def been blessings so keep the ole “chin up”

    Have a good one man – and back to the post – yeah it is a funny commercial to me too – although even funnier that it is like “well we can’t make a product better than the other guy so we will resort to talking about how CHEAP they are (and I mean in more ways than just price) and then also make fun of them by playing the whole “we’re not as cool as them” card – nicely done, but I guess in retrospect the whole Mac vs PC commercials were doing the same thing – so it’s all pretty funny.

    People are just sooooo easily swayed by silly things – all of us a bunch of dumb sheep – ooo speaking of sheep – maybe there is the use for that sweet video I had up ha ha ha


    • Aaron says:

      What up, Neal?

      PC elitist… that’s funny (and I have to pee so bad I can taste it after downing 10 super big gulps of sweet tea). Just read the post above yours (and it seems I’m the one leaving the most comments because I care about my readers, and I personally respond to each one… kinda like this big Tar Heel fan from the ATL I know…).

      This is one of those totally in good fun, let’s get a rise out of people posts. Just for kicks and giggles…. and I sense you’re not really giggling since you’re a Mac guy. Hee Hee.

      Thanks for the congrats. Stuff is moving really quickly. We’ll be in G-Vegas before you know it.

  7. Stuart says:

    Aaron, will you be my new best friend?

    Seriously, I couldn’t buy a Mac without feeling slimy. All superficiality aside, I believe Macs can be very useful (and possibly at times, a better decision). However, I have just been rubbed the wrong way so many times by a lot of Mac elitists that I’d rather not hop on the bandwagon.

  8. Aaron Snow says:

    Wow. You just totally struck a nerve, and found something that we REALLY disagree on! haha! I beg to differ on your statement, “…they’re WAY overpriced. If I bought a PC laptop for the price of a Mac, it would eat the Mac alive and crap Apple seeds–even while running the dreaded Vista.”

    Bottom end mac laptop, which will run circles around most PC laptops runs for around $1100. Yes, you can get a decent PC laptop for MUCH less than that. However, factor in the time spent doing defrags, disk cleanups, virus protection, spyware checks, etc. at even $5.15/hour and you’ve WELL exceeded the cost of the Mac in the long run. Dude, don’t even get me started on this topic! haha!

    Don’t be stubborn Aaron, just make the switch. I’ll bet you a new computer that you won’t regret it. =)

    • Aaron says:

      Oh crap. Snow is headed to Jobstown and he’s drunk the Kool-Aid!

      Dude, this is totally a tongue-in-cheek post… and you’ve fallen for it. I love seeing Mac people get so riled up. It really doesn’t matter to me what people use. I just wish Mac people would shut up sometimes (maybe if they stopped drinking so much $5 coffee). All I’m saying is that my machine does exactly what I wanted it to do, and it didn’t cost me a ton to do it. Yeah, I spend time defraging, disk cleanups, spyware… all scheduled, when I’m not on the machine, and all the software was legal and free.

      Peace out buddy. Don’t get too light headed from the Leopard flavored poison.

      • Haha! I love it! I seriously just laughed out loud at your response. =) I must say in my defense (wow, you’ve actually got me feeling the need to defend being a Mac guy for the first time in 6 years! ahhh!) haha, I see where you guys are coming from with all the “hype” and people going out and getting their $2000 Macs to “jump on the bandwagon”. If I didn’t already have a Mac 6 years ago I wouldve NOT gotten a mac just to refuse jumping on the bandwagon. So, in my defense, I was a Mac guy LONG ago before the Hype and trend. I’m still rockin’ my old 12″ iBook that cost me $900. I love it. Anyhow, I’m praise Christ that you are so content with your inferior machine. haha! =) Kidding! Take care buddy. May this computer rivalry cause no division among Christ and His body =) haha!

      • Aaron says:

        Dude, I just laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants. Nice. No division in the body over computers. And 6 years old? That’s really good. And that was before all the hype.

  9. katdish says:

    Hi there. First time commenter. I don’t know if I could bring myself to buy a Mac. Mostly because a few years ago, after a very successful capital gifts campaign at my old church, every pastor at our church except the worship pastor decided they MUST dump their “old” laptops and buy brand new, white computers because they could now afford to. So several perfectly good computers were piled up in a storage room. I suppose that’s not such a good reason to dislike a computer, but that did it for me. The unrelenting devotion some have to their macs is a bit weird, too. It’s a computer, for goodness sake!

    P.S. – That worship pastor is now the lead pastor of our church plant, where we all use black computers.

    • Aaron says:

      The one and only katdish has come to the RTL! Welcome (I’ve seen you around other spots, and its good to have you here).

      I’m convinced that there are some hidden OT manuscripts somewhere that Indiana Jones will find that have a few textual variants in them… instead of pulling down idols to Baal and cutting down the Asherah poles, they destroyed idols to Jobs while destroying and burning their Macbooks.

  10. katdish says:

    Okay, the fact that you included Indiana Jones, Baal, Asherah poles and Mackbooks in one comment just makes me smile…

    Were you at Exponential last year?

    • Aaron says:

      No. I’ve actually never been. The cost is way too high, much of the content is irrelevant to what I’m doing (except for when Neil Cole and Alan Hirsch speak), and I don’t have the time. I did want to go to this year’s Exponential, because some of the speakers are really cool–Cole, Hirsch, Ajai and Indu Lall… but I’m in the middle of a move, so I won’t be able to go.

      • katdish says:

        I’m not going this year for some of the same reasons. But I’m bummed that I won’t get to see some of the speakers. It’s a pretty awesome line up.

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